Privacy Policy

Shannon Shoemaker with Shoemaker Home Garden By Shannon is solely responsible for privacy/data protection within the business. Shannon will ensure the website, privacy policy, data practices, and rights request processes are in compliance with CCPA. This is not required by the CCPA, but is recommended as a best practice.

The internal data map for all information collected about consumers are as the following. To collect information regarding what products a customer has purchased and what a customer’s stored shipping address is.

Shannon is solely responsible for understanding the business’s obligations under the CCPA, knowing how to properly handle CCPA rights requests, and knowing how to explain CCPA rights to consumers.

All the third-parties with whom we share consumer personal information with are; BigCommerce, PayPal, eBay, and EMC for the manner in which to fulfill customer orders and/or purchases. We do not sell any customer's personal information. All payments are made through eBay and PayPal.  This allows Shannon NOT to have any financial information of any consumer.